Eagle Watch Front Porch Portraits

I am, regrettably, suspending this project until we have more positive news about the spread of COVID 19. Right now the experts expect an increase in infections and deaths through mid-April. I would rather your family be safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

Please be safe. Please listen to the CDC and the medical experts (not the politicians). And wash your hands.

Are you having fun yet? Isn’t it great being quarantined and locked down?

Yeah – I feel the same. I think it is time we had some fun and shared our fun with appropriate social distancing. Taking a cue from Indiana’s Nathaniel Edmunds Photography I am starting – just for my Eagle Watch neighbors – Front Porch Portraits.

What is that? I come to your home and take some pictures of your family on your front porch while staying a safe “no Corona zone” distance away. This can be just you, you and your spouse, all the kids — anyone and everyone in your home you want to have on your porch.

I’ll share these photos on the Eagle Watch Facebook group, and make them available for you to download in high resolution as well.

It costs you ZERO dollars! Seriously – nothing. Not a penny.

All you need to do is sign up here. Leave the rest to me!