Back Up Camera

My very first digital camera was the now obsolete Nikon D70. I chose that because I was already shooting with Nikon film cameras and lenses and had no desire to buy a whole new system. A few weeks ago while shooting with my Lens Baby on the D70, I noticed that I was getting a solid black picture with a faded pink/red line at the top. It seems that after almost 7 years of use, my D70 had finally passed over to digital camera Purgatory.

That also meant that I no longer had a good back up camera which is an unacceptable state of being for someone who has the occasional paying photography gig! If my Nikon D300 ever crashed on me I would be up the proverbial creek until I could afford to get it fixed or replaced. So a good back up camera was an absolute necessity.

I would have loved to have had a second D300 or D300s, or moved up to a D700 and relegated the D300 to back up status, but the economy hasn’t been that good to me. I had to find something that could deliver quality images but not break my meager bank.

After much research (and checking the numbers in the bank account), I decided that since I still really liked the images the good old D70 produced, I would be happy with one of the lower level of the Nikon line and went with the Nikon D3100.

The next step of 2011 is getting my Tamron 70-200 f2.8 lens repaired!

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