The first home bout of the 2010 Atlanta Roller Girls roller derby season got underway on Saturday March 13. As the official photographer for the Atlanta Roller Girls it is my duty to photograph and document the bouts. It is harder than one would think. The lighting is difficult. The action is fast, and being a “bit” over weight and out of shape doesn’t make it much easier for me, but it truly is fun. Plus, the girls are just great people to be around.

I have been asked a number of times by a number of people about the way I light such a difficult venue as the Yaarab Shrine Center Auditorium. This is a lighting diagram, but next month I’m going to do a video to show how I do it.


On another note, I added a new camera to my growing collection of light catching boxes.

I have long wanted a point and shoot camera that could process and deliver photos of comparable quality with my Nikon D300.  DSLRs have their place, but there are times when a compact camera is easier and less of a hassle, so now I have Canon G11 I can carry around without people freaking out that I’m bringing a “professional” camera out to take pictures.

So far I really like the G11. For one, it feels like a camera. Unlike most compact cameras, it has a bit of weight and a solid feel. I am also fond of being able to either look through a viewfinder or a preview screen – and man, that preview screen is great! It pivots and swivels giving me ability to point and shoot without looking like I’m pointing and shooting, and the screen is big and bright.

From a control point of view, yes it is a point and shoot in full automatic mode, but I can also switch over to shutter priority, aperture priority, or full manual. This little compact camera gives me the same controls as my full size DSLR. As for image quality, the Canon G11 rivals, and is probably better than, most mid-range DSLRs. The 10 megapixel sensor may sound small to most, but the way those pixels are processed certainly makes this camera a worthy addition to the camera bag.

I only have experimental shots with it so far, but I will be using it this weekend when I do a shoot with Ashley Blalock.

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