Fetch and Star 94

My friend, and great teacher of photography for kids, Brook Hewitt, asked if I could cover an event for local Atlanta radio station Star 94. It was a paid gig, and it was at a Fetch Dog Park. How could I say no?

I got to Fetch early enough to grab some pictures of just the dogs, and I fell in love with one German Shepherd, Brady. If you have ever heard me talk about our GSD, Drake, you know how much that breed means to me. I shot a lot of pictures of this dog. So, sorry not sorry.

Of course, there were lots of other playful floofers and puppers around. It wasn’t easy to get pictures of these dogs because they were all very active and playful.

I really love taking pictures of dogs, and having this opportunity, where there were lots of dogs and lots of play, was just the kind of photography I love to do.

P.S. If you are one of these dogs person and want a high-res copy of your dog, please shoot me an email. I’ll send it to you right away!

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