alien-beeWay back when, a man named Paul Buff started a line of affordable and reliable studio lighting called Alien Bees. Over the years, his little power blocks have made a well deserved reputation for themselves as – well – affordable, reliable, and TOUGH light units. This is all well and good. Yes, the lights kick serious studio butt, but what really sets Alien Bees apart is their attention to customer service.

Example – I borrowed Chris North’s Alien Bees ringflash, and since Chris uses my studio more often than he uses his ring light, it pretty much lives with me now. During my last shoot I did the unspeakable – I dropped the ring light (sorry Chris, I know this is the first you’re hearing about it) and the ring light reflector shattered. It seems it is not made of the same high-impact bullet proof lexan that the main units are built with. I was horrified. But I did the Right Thing and called Alien Bees to get the piece replaced.

I made the call at 3:15pm on Tuesday August 24th. It is now 10:45am on Wednesday August 25th, and the replacement part is sitting on my desk. That’s right, kids, in less than 24 hours (and less than $30) the folks at Alien Bees sent a replacement part for my friend’s ring light.

Do the math: Great Product + Great Customer Service = Paul C. Buff & Company for the win!

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