Atlanta Roller Girls 2011 Season One of the coolest things my photography has lead me to is my involvement with the Atlanta Roller Girls.

A few years ago, I saw a cover article in Prick magazine about one of the Atlanta Roller Girls – a tattooed beauty named Andrea Smith (a.k.a. Demi Gore) – and I was immediately enthralled. I attended the very next bout, and was hooked. I was taken in by the camp, the fun, the athleticism, and yes I admit it, the sight of good looking tattooed (and un-marked!) women in mini-skirts and fishnets beating the crap out of each other on skates.

I started taking pictures as a fan, and as my “fame” with the Atlanta Roller Girls grew, I was asked to be the official photographer for them. The relationship, while not profitable, has been mutually beneficial. I have been a part of the resurgence of roller derby, made some good friends, had a lot of fun, and gotten some really cool portraits out of it.

The 2011 Atlanta Roller Girls season schedule is out, and one of my shots is the feature photograph for the season’s flyer.

Every season the girls get better and better, and this season will be no different! Come out a few time and watch what happens!

Here’s a HUGE collection of pictures of Atlanta roller derby!

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