Shelter Dog Photography

maxFive-ish years ago, my wife and I got our first dog, Max. Max was a road dump. Someone pulled over to the side of a country road, opened the car door, pushed him out, and drove off – leaving him alone in cold and dark. Fortunately, this act of cruelty was witnessed by my son who took Max in for the night, and called my wife and me the next day with Max’s story. He’s been with us ever since.


guinness-faceA few months later, mostly because Max begged for so much attention and insisted on constantly playing, we added Guinness. Guinness was a long-time foster with Angels Among Us pet rescue. We couldn’t believe that this wonderfully affectionate and happy dog hadn’t been adopted.


So now there are two Wonder Mutts in our house, and as much as we’d love to add to the pack, we just don’t have the time or resources necessary to give another dog or two the home they deserve. But I decided that that shouldn’t stop me from helping other homeless dogs find loving homes. I decided that there are plenty of really good photos of pretty girls in the world. What we need are more really good photos of rescue and shelter dogs. To that end, I teamed up with a few people from The Showcase School on May 22 to start my foray into shelter dog photography at the Fulton County Animal Shelter.

These are the results of my first trip to a dog shelter to take pictures of the homeless strays and owner surrenders.


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