Shelter Dogs - Forsyth County, GA

The the Humane Society of Forsyth County, Georgia (HSFC) is just a few miles from my house, and, as a fan of being as local as possible, on a heavily overcast Saturday in July of 2016, I packed a few lenses and headed there to take some pictures of shelter dogs.

HSFC is really well run. Sure, it was loud in the kennel, but it was clean – no smell of dog pee, poop, or, worse, death. These dogs are well-cared for and as happy as shelter dogs can be. The volunteers were happy to have me there and very helpful bringing dogs out to the clean runs for their photo sessions. The rain dampened us quite a lot, and time ran out before I could get them all, but here are some of the dogs still available for adoption at HSFC.

Why take pictures of shelter dogs? These two pictures should explain why. One picture could be this dog’s intake photo – snapped by a hurried volunteer and hastily posted to PetFinder in the hopes that someone will be interested. The other is a happy, alert, and comfortable dog looking for a forever home. These are the same dog.

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