Cooking In Mexico

This has nothing (really) to do with photography, and a lot to do with my three days in Mexico City learning to cook Mexican food at Aura Cocina Mexicana.

When I’m not taking pictures, which is most of the time these days, I like to cook. My favorite food is Mexican, and I wanted learn some traditional – real Mexican – techniques. I found Aura, and, with the blessing of my wife, booked classes with them in Mexico City. I spent three days learning how to cook Mexican street tacos, making 10 amazing salsas, and a four course Mexican supper.

The first day (street taco day) included a visit to a nearby street taco stand where I had an absolutely amazing taco made with blue corn masa, zucchini flower, nopales, and chicharron. Of course, I added a salsa verde because, as I learned from my instructor Pame, “A taco without salsa has no soul.” This was followed up with a sweet tamale from Senor Donny made with masa, anise, and sugar.

Next stop was the Medellin Market where I ate crickets (salty and meaty), agave worms, pond beetles, and ant eggs chased with a smooth Oaxacan mezcal. In spite of your crinkled up nose, they were pretty good. A bowl of those on a bar, with some cold beer or small batch mezcal, is a perfect snack.

It was great fun spending time with Pame, Gaby, and Krystel. They are excellent instructors, and I highly recommend checking them out.

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